Quality Certifications


Our Quality Certifications

RCR Services prides itself on outstanding service in line with our quality assurance certifications.

All of our team are equipped with an advanced knowledge of workplace health and safety and strictly follow the standards set out by government legislation not only while working on your roof, but also in project management, sales and consultation. If we can’t do a job safely, we won’t do the job at all! We are certified with CM3 (Contractors Management) as a standard protocol to ensure we have the correct insurances in place and are equipped to effectively manage risks and safety while on site.

We are also certified with Smartek and IPro systems to assist with developments and construction in the hospital and aged care sectors. 

Our team are all qualified and certified in their respective areas and maintain their own personal standards alongside the ones set out by the organisation. Our services all come with a warranty guarantee.

We strive to provide the best possible services but are focused on continual improvement of our services where possible. At RCR Services, your can rest easy knowing that we are the best at what we do and we have the quality staff and standards to prove it!