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Our solution for GRAINCORP

Our Rope Access team completed Concrete Repair works at GrainCorp Grain Silos in Moree NSW. 

RCR offer a comprehensive range of specialist services including a comprehensive inspection and report, repair strategies, following on with the Concrete/Brickwork Repairs, Grout Injection, Crack Stitching and Crack Injection as necessary.

Our solution for RAMSAY HEALTH CARE

Following our onsite inspection of Ramsay Health Care in Albert Road, Melbourne, we were pleased to submit a comprehensive report and proposal for remedial works. 

Our inspection showed that the existing roof area has originally been waterproofed with a built-up torch on sheet membrane system. 

This membrane had deteriorated, and the laps had delaminated allowing water to egress under the sheet membrane, spread out over the concrete roof slab, and leak internally. 

Our solution for MONASH HEALTH

Another client, Monash Health, contacted us as they had discovered water leaking in their building.

Following our comprehensive inspection of the site, we found that the existing waterproofing membrane to the complete deck area had failed and water was penetrating between the layers of the bitumen membrane and was pooling under the membrane and tracking along the main roof slab. This was penetrating through slab cracks and into the hospital kitchen.



El Sandi, a residential apartment building facing Main Beach in Forster, was suffering from advanced corrosion to the reinforcing steel embedded within the concrete façade, causing extensive concrete spalling. 

Not only was the structural integrity of the building rapidly deteriorating, it also became a huge safety issue as large pieces of concrete were becoming dislodged and falling, narrowly missing residents below.