Case Study

our solution for graincorp

our solution for graincorp

Case Study


Following our onsite inspection of Graincorp Moree relative to the concrete remedial repairs required to external wall to the S300 Bin 15 as shown on site, we were pleased to be able to submit a comprehensive report and proposal for concrete cancer remedial works required. 

Our inspection showed that there was advanced concrete cancer spalling to one area of Bin 15 where the concrete silo had cracked allowing moisture to corrode the steel reinforcing and had expanded and blown out the external concrete surface for a length of approximately 15 lineal metres.


With the extent of the corrosion, urgent concrete cancer remedial repairs were required to strengthen and preserve the structural integrity of the silo. There was potential that if the repairs were not undertaken urgently the internal surface would have also been affected leading to a blow out of the silo and this would

have required extensive remediation works from both the external and internal of the silo. 

Repairs were able to be undertaken quickly and treated as a priority to avoid costly repairs in the future. In addition, the day to day operations of GrainCorp were not affected in anyway. 





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