Case Study

our solution for ALLIANCE STRATA GROUP

our solution for ALLIANCE STRATA GROUP

Case Study


El Sandi, a residential apartment building facing Main Beach in Forster, was suffering from advanced corrosion to the reinforcing steel embedded within the concrete façade, causing extensive concrete spalling. 

Not only was the structural integrity of the building rapidly deteriorating, it also became a huge safety issue as large pieces of concrete were becoming dislodged and falling, narrowly missing residents below.


RCR were contracted to carry out a thorough assessment and scope of works to fully remediate the front façade of the building which included full removal of all affected concrete to the complete structure, inspecting the diameter of corroded steel and welding new reinforcement steel as required, treating all remaining reinforcing by dry ice shot blasting, coating steel with Nitoprime ZincRich protective coatings and forming and pouring Parchem LA55 reinstatement mortar. In addition, Galvashield XP Zinc Anodes were installed to prolong the life span of the building. 

Works were carried out and completed to the full satisfaction of the committee and within our projected timeframe, minimising downtime for the owners corporation.





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