6 Reasons Why Your Metal Roof Is Leaking.

6 reasons why your metal roof is leaking. 1. Aged Roofing materials. Ageing Materials are one of the most obvious causes for roof leaks and damage, often resulting in an inability to prevent water ingress. Over time, metal roofing materials will deteriorate due to continual expansion and contraction and weather wear and tear. This is […]

Why you should choose RCR Services.

Looking for someone to repair your commercial roof? You have come to the right place.
With over 25 years experience in building remediation, Roof and Concrete Remedial has superior knowledge and expertise  in Commercial Waterproofing, Roof Repair and Maintenance, and Concrete Repair.

What is a Torch on Membrane?

Did you know RCR Services have a team that specialise in roof membranes?

Have you considered a Bituminous torch on membrane for your roof? Maybe you’re wondering what a Torch on Membrane is?

How to choose the right Roofing Company

So your building needs repairs done on its roof. Where do you go from here? How do you know if the roofing company you hire is going to do a quality job..that lasts? Here are 4 questions you should be asking before hiring a company to carry out repairs on your roof or building.

Roof Maintenance: 3 Things You Should be Doing.

Roof maintenance is essential to keeping your commercial property in top condition. Failure to keep your roof in check could result in major damages that could heighten the risk for occupants of the building.