6 reasons why your metal roof is leaking.


Aged Roofing materials.

Ageing Materials are one of the most obvious causes for roof leaks and damage, often resulting in an inability to prevent water ingress. Over time, metal roofing materials will deteriorate due to continual expansion and contraction and weather wear and tear. This is why it is vital to arrange regular roof inspections by professionals to find any deterioration and fix this before it is too late.


Problematic Penetration.

Common Issues that arise with metal deck roofing is a break-down of sealing around roof penetrations, air conditioning penetrations and box guttering joins. This creates potential for water to enter at these points. This can also be a result of poor workmanship in the initial installation. Sealing of roof penetrations is carried out to prevent this issue.


Blocked or Damaged Gutters

Blocked Gutters can't drain. If your gutters are filled with leaves and debris, the water can't drain efficiently and you will run the risk of it overflowing into vulnerable internal spaces within the roof. If there are signs of cracks in the gutters, peeling paint, water pooling in the gutters, mould or dirt build-up and gutter seams coming apart, sagging or pulling away from the house, it's time to get your gutters replaced.


Dodgy and Incorrectly installed flashings

Flashings are sections of folded metal installed over joins in the roof construction to prevent water seeping in and causing damage. If flashings haven't been installed water tight and professionally, water may sneak into the roof cavity. Professional roofers will correctly install new flashing to make sure that it is in the proper position to channel water and ensure it is water tight.


Box Gutters.

Box Gutters are commonly used in buildings to maintain a good drainage flow in the roof. However, without being installed with 100% accuracy, water may not be able to drain properly and there is a much higher risk of overflowing into the internal spaces below. In addition, if water is not able to drain, it may pool and lead to rusting. Water entering your building is a serious issue. Regular maintenance and inspection for box gutters are needed to avoid it.


Rust and erosion creating holes.

Rust can be caused from the installation of incompatible materials or the typical oxidization process of iron. Once the metal has broken down, it decreases the protection from water ingress. Once substantial rusting has occurred, the most efficient solution to prevent leakage is generally replacement of the rusted elements.